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Welcome to the BOROUGH OF NORTH EAST'S SERVICES information page. We strive to provide the best service to our residents in a courteous and timely manner. Our goal is to provide the very best in streets maintenance, the purest potable water and the cleanest waste water in the nation.  Our standards of operation usually exceed both state and federal standards for purification and treatment. Because our quality control standards are high, our employees are among the best in the business. Here is a SHORT list of our services.

Streets Department

The Borough's Streets Department maintains approximately 15 miles of streets, four public parks, all signage and operates the municipal garbage and recycling collection systems.

The Borough maintains its own municipal garbage collection system and is conducted once a week during the winter and twice a week from June through September.  All garbage must be in a suitable trash bag or trash can not to exceed 35 gallons in size.  View the attached schedule of pickup days for Borough residents.  The Borough does have dumpsters available for special projects or businesses for a fee; please contact the Borough Office for information on sizes and prices.  We do not pick up construction debris or hazardous materials.

The Borough of North East is a recycling community since the early 1980's.  North East Borough residents can now participate in a single stream recycling program and no longer have to sort recyclables.  Here is a list of accepted items to place curbside in the current bins or in a trash container clearly marked recycle and NO LARGER than 35 gallons.    Residents of North East Borough will no longer be permitted to dispose of glass or plastic bags through the borough's recycling program.  Recycling placed in plastic bags will no longer be picked up.

The Borough of North East collects E-Cycling materials the same day normal recycling is collected.  Separate your E-Cycling materials from your normal recycling and place them in two separate piles.  The same truck will collect both your normal recycling and your E-Cycling.  Here is a list of Acceptable Materials for Electronics Recycling. 
Please note: Televisions and computer monitors are no longer permitted to be placed curbside.  North East Borough now has biannual collection days held (in May & September) at the Streets Garage for residents of North East Borough to drop off televisions and computer monitors.  There is a fee of $10.00 each to cover the costs of the disposal of these items.  

For information on Code Enforcement and other Streets Department services; contact the Streets Superintendent Wayne Yokom at (814) 725-1315.

Wastewater Department

The Wastewater Department is owned and operated by the Borough of North East through the North East Borough Sewer Authority.  The department maintains approximately 20 miles of sanitary sewer and two activated sludge treatment plants capable of treating up to 2.9 million gallons per day.  Our sewer plants are specifically designed to handle extremely volatile organic waste and is sized for any growth in North East.  Our staff is fully licensed and certified by the Commonwealth and effluent is maintained to extremely tight standards--in some cases tighter than what is required for drinking water systems.  The residents and users of our natural resources can be assured that water quality is not compromised in any way.

If you are experiencing sewer problems, you can contact the North East Borough Office, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 pm or you can contact the Wastewater  Department Superintendent, Julio Pazmino, at 814-725-4294.  After hours emergencies should be reported to (814) 898-3333 and clearly state your name, address and location of the water emergency. 

For billing questions, contact the Borough Hall at (814) 725-8611, Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. 

2011 Sewer Rate Comparison.   2012 Sewer Rate Comparison

         Water Department

         The Water Department is owned and operated by the Borough of North East under the North East Borough Water Authoity and is responsible for the treatment of the Borough's water system serving approximately 4,300 Borough residents and about 4,000 North East Township residents.  Our primary mission is to purify up tp seven and half million gallons of fresh water a day from Lake Erie and our alternate surface water reservoirs.  Approximately 92% of our drinking water is drawn from Lake Erie through an approximately five mile long pipeline.  We are a fully staffed and certified public water facility with four of the six employees being licensed and certified by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  The Water Department is regulated by numerous entities which include both the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and the Enviromental Protection Agency.  We voluntarily joined the Partnership for Safe Water, which is a national organization that holds our Water Department to a higher than normal standard.  The Partnership is an unprecedented alliance of prestigious drinking water organizations whose mission it is to improve the quality of water delivered to customers by optimizing water system operations and providing tools to improve performance above and beyond even proposed regulatory levels.  We strive daily for excellence in the treatment of our town's water supply to provide the highest quality water in the country while doing so in the most economical way.

Some of our duties and responsibilities include:

  • Providing high quality drinking water while doing so in the most economical way.
  • The operation and maintenance of the Water Filteration Plant.
  • The operation and maintenance of approximately 28 miles of water main located in our distribution system.
  • The operation and maintenance of several pump stations.
  • The operation and maintenance of approximately 1,050 acres of watershed.

If we have a water quality emergence, we will notify residents via our Emergency Notification System.  However, in order for us to be able to contact you, we need to have your contact information.  To make sure that your contact information is in our system, please click on the Swiftreach Link located on this page to enter information.  You can also contact the North East Borough office at (814) 725-8611.

If you are experiencing water quality problems, you can contact the North East Borough Office , Monday through Friday, from 8:00am to 4:30pm or you can contact the Water Department Superintendent, Randy Culver, at (814)725-4198.  After hours emergencies should be reported tpo (814) 898-3333 and clearly state you name, address and loctaion of the water emergency.

The following web links will provide information regarding water conservation and watershed protection.  If you would like to receive additional information, please contact the North East Water Department.

                                                                                            For Billing Questions, contact Borough Hall at (814) 725-861, Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm.

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