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Borough Ordinances

Land & Property Use: 
797--Zoning Ordinance  Zoning Map
865 - Cell Towers & Wireless Facilities

815A--Dangerous Structures

Floodplain & Stormwater Management:
863 -- Stormwater Management

877 -- Floodplain Management

856--Maintenance of Common Nuisances

836--Garbage and Refuse     

859--Garbage Containers

899--Amending & Restating Ordinance 981, and all Amendments Thereto, Establishing Sewer Rates and the Collection Thereof

900--Amending & Restating Ordinance 980, and all Amendments Thereto, Establishing Water Rates and the Collection Thereof

901--Amending & Restating Ordinances 826, 833, 836, & 859 Prohibiting the Accumulation of Garbage & Household Refuse; Regulating the Collection & Disposal of Garbage & Household Refuse; and Imposing Charges for Collection Thereof & Providing Penalties for Violation 

887--Repealing & restating Ordinance No. 403 and all subsequent amendments to Ordinance No. 403 providing for the acquisition, installation, and regulation of parking meters.

888--Amending Ordinance No. 561 regulating the parking of motor vehicles upon the streets of the Borough of North East.

890--Amending Ordinance No. 887 providing for the acquisition, installation, and regulation of parking meters

902--An Ordinance Providing For Issuance Of Tickets To Permit Citizens To Comply With Various Existing Ordinances Before Being Issued A Citation


907--An Ordinance Providing For And Establishing Service Fees For Tax Collector Issued Tax Certifications And For Establishing Service Fees For Payments Returned

908 -- An Ordinance Establishing Property Maintenance Standards For Real Property Within The Borough Of North East